PowerPoint Calendars & Timeline Pack


Product Description

The PowerPoint Toolkit Calendars & Timelines pack includes; two versions of PowerPoint Gantt charts, PowerPoint timelines, templates for 2013 monthly calendars (one month per slide) with weeks beginning on Monday, and 2013 monthly calendars with weeks beginning on Sunday.

Buy three PowerPoint Toolkit packs for $12.95. Use coupon code: buy3.
Or, buy all eight PowerPoint Toolkit packs for only $14.95, a saving of $24.65.

PowerPoint Toolkit is designed as a companion document to keep open whenever you are creating a PowerPoint presentation or report. It’s jam packed with diagrams, templates, icons and other useful content that can be copied into the document you are developing.

PowerPoint Toolkit helps you:
Save time: Your Toolkit gives you fingertip access to diagrams, templates, icons and other useful content for quickly making PowerPoint presentations and reports.
Look good: Your Toolkit gives you a helping hand to create awesome PowerPoint presentations and reports that make you stand out from your peers.
Worry less: Feel confident your message will be well received by the audience with contemporary styled PowerPoint elements.


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